Gallery of Pastel Paintings

I have created art in graphite, colored pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and oils. Recently I have focused on the beautiful, lasting medium of pastels. I blend many layers of pastel to achieve a realistic look. 


Three little boys in the bath with very different expressions!

three little boys in an antique bathtub


A moment of focused intensity from a little child as he "reads" a picture book.

toddler boy trying to read

Three Brothers

In this formal portrait commission, I changed a number of things from the photo reference to achieve a balanced, harmonious portrait, including removing glasses from one of the subjects and changing the colors of all their shirts. The client was thrilled with the result.

portrait of three brothers


This exuberant child is expressing herself in a way we can all identify with.

young redheaded girl yelling

Those Eyes

The definition of baby blues.

toddler girl with beautiful blue eyes

Brotherly Love

The warm affection between these two brothers captivated me. 

young brothers hugging

Blue Dress

This little lady was happy to pose for her portrait. Her sweet expression contrasts with the gray scene outside the window.

Little girl leaning on a windowsill


Who doesn't love a great bubble bath?

Little girl enjoying the bubbles in her bath

Miss Blue Eyes

Another little face I just loved painting.

young blonde girl with pretty eyes

Man's Best Friend

A commissioned painting of a young soldier and his best buddy.

young soldier holding his dog


Some of my favorite portraits are those that make you wonder what the subject was thinking.

portrait of a pensive blonde woman

Make a Wish

Do you remember doing this? First painting in my "Childhood Summer" series.

little girl blowing dandelion

Summer Reading

Kids, books, and the outdoors. A great summer combination, especially with a colorful quilt as a background.

children reading outdoors on a quilt
children sitting together and laughing

Strawberry Fields 

little girl delighted with strawberries she has just picked

Coffee, anyone? 

young boy in coffee shop grinning
beautiful young girl

Pet Portraits & More

I don't paint only people! Take a look at a few of my pastel paintings of dogs, cats, wildlife, and still life.

dog wearing a bandana
pretty tabby cat
chocolate labrador dog in water
bluebird sitting on a branch
female cardinal in the snow
big brown bear realistically painted
cute chipmunk sitting in a sunflower
Deer gazing out through snow at night
Fruit bowl of  apples and one pear
two german shepherd dogs
small black dog gazing out a window
lionness walking with her cubs